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The average number of Facebook users is around 603 million. Also, 90 million small and large businesses use Facebook for their brand advertisement and connecting with the customers. The increase in ad impression by 33% also indicates that Facebook advertising is the new way for business to boost their sales!

Not Your Usual Facebook Advertisement Agency

We know it’s hard to use Facebook, along with focusing on your business. It’s not easy to do all the work by yourself! Plus, asking your team to work on Facebook advertisements along with office work can be costly. It’s not necessary they are experienced! Our team is a certified Facebook advertising team, knowing the ways your business can boost sales on Facebook.

Evemoo Has Got You Covered On Facebook

We work with the best team delivering hand to hand results for your business. We manage everything and done for you. From the account strategy to implementation, we’ve got you covered for Advertising on Facebook. We love data. By digging deep into your Facebook data, we generate high sales for your business.


Why Do You Need Facebook Advertising?

Your potential customers on Facebook. From teens to adults, everyone is using Facebook more than any other social media site. As a global Facebook advertising agency, you get a high ROI on your Facebook advertisement through us. We Bring

Unmatched Growth
Get unmatched growth by engaging your customers on Facebook. It’s time to grow!
Connect More
Connect with your customers, know their needs, customize your services/products.
Rule The Industry
Become the service/product leader in the market through Facebook advertisement.

Benefit From Sales Funnel Now

The Sales Funnel Advertising On Facebook

The years of experience of our team have drafted a perfect sales funnel that will make your Facebook advertising journey easier! It will help you save time and money while generating results you have never seen before. By working with more than 1000 brands, we know how to position your brand to elevate its success!


By building your brand reputation and connection, we turn strangers into your brand loyal followers. With a custom campaign consisting of videos, images, and graphics for your business, we build an influential authority.


We attract your Facebook page visitors by designing custom social posts, social ads, organic search campaigns, and paid searches. We get a global audience for your business. Let our expert team deliver business value to you.


Our team engages with your customers 24/7 to create high engagement on your Facebook page. With a pre-sales blog and a sales page, we generate lead magnets for your business, to create custom offers for global users.


When you engage with your customers, they feel valued, which makes them buy your service or product. By retargeting ads, email newsletters, and text reminders from the data collected, we bring you loyal customers for your business.


It’s time to let your customers speak for you! While you provide impeccable services to your customers, make your previous customers advocate for your service. By getting high-quality reviews and social engagement, your brand will become a global success.


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